Fashion Modeling Course

A successful model must possess qualities and physical attributes that are NOT common to all. At PJ & CO Models/Finishing School, we place emphasis on personal appearance, confidence, self-esteem and posture…basically all the attributes that perfect one’s personal appearance and body carriage. MOST IMPORTANT is to create in one’s self a beauty that goes deeper than outward appearance, emphasizing qualities that come from within…morals, ethics, manners, social graces and etiquette! We offer all this and more, and the results are a CONFIDENT NEW YOU!


Topics covered include:
  • Show/Photography Make-up
  • Hair/Skin Evaluation
  • Photography Posing & Movement
  • Mannequin Modeling
  • Marketing Strategies
  • Policies and Procedures
  • Informal Modeling
  • Runway Techniques
    *Posture-Fashion Interpretation
    *Personality Projection
    *Body Language & Movement

About the Class
Our goal is simple – to provide the guidance and inspiration young teens need as they mature and seek their own identity. Good solid guidelines concerning grooming, make-up application, body image, etiquette and hair care can have a strong impact at this very impressionable age.

Class Schedule
Sessions arranged to meet your schedule.

A key element in feeling confident about yourself. We will focus on everyday grooming habits, with special emphasis on the difference it can have on your personal outlook of yourself.

Body Language & Wardrobing
What and how you wear clothes tells people how you see yourself. Learn how to enhance your figure just by wearing the right clothes.

Posture & Walking
Do you walk with confidence? We will show you techniques so you can walk proudly.

Never underestimate the power of first impressions. What does your hair say about you, the individual, a cut above. We will focus on hair types and current trends. Also, individual ideas to help provide inspiration for the best you can be.